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User Spotlight: University of Kansas Business School

Posted by Ela on Oct 16, 2018 8:15:00 AM
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The University of Kansas School of Business has put together a formal, career-focused mentorship program. Ashley Kruger, KU Business Mentoring Program Coordinator, led the effort. 

KU put together an inspiring video with mentee interviews that really speaks to the success of the mentorship program. The video tells the story of mentees whose career paths were altered for the better after they connected with mentors through the KU Business Mentoring Program.

The video also covers logistics of how mentees and mentors have met and what those meetings have entailed, to help give potential participants a sense of what participating in the program could look like.

KU Business Mentoring Program


Key Components of KU's Success:

Clear value for mentees and mentors

The program offers a clear value / call to action for both students (mentees) and alumni (mentors).

  • For mentees, the program is presented as a place to "kick start your career."
  • For mentors, it's a place to "give back, become a mentor."

Customized goals

Goal setting is known to have tremendously positive effects on mentorship outcomes:

In recognition of these benefits, KU Business set up customized goals for their mentees and mentors to help guide them through the mentorship process. The goals help program participants stay on track.

Program-specific mentor and mentee handbooks


mentorship program KU

The program provides participants with Mentor and Mentee Handbooks that walk mentors and mentees through what mentorship is, what their responsibilities will be, and how to get started.

These handbooks are amazing and we strongly suggest you take a look at them to get some inspiration for your own program! PDFs are provided below.