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Announcing GroveConnect: PeopleGrove App and Integration Marketplace

Posted by Mark Macdonald on Mar 30, 2020 1:55:00 PM

Our philosophy as a company is to focus on what we do best and integrate with best-in-class solutions for everything else. Today's announcement is a validation of that philosophy.

Announcing GroveConnect

We are pleased to share the release of GroveConnect: Apps and Integrations Marketplace. Like any enterprise-grade platform, we are giving our University Partners the ability to extend the value of their investment in PeopleGrove. GroveConnect is a fast-evolving marketplace of easy-to-enable integrations with other best-in-class, complimentary products that work well with PeopleGrove.

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The Lost Class of 2020: Activating the Community to Support this Year's Unique Graduates

Posted by Matt Kelly on Mar 26, 2020 8:22:08 AM

“I never thought it would be over. Just like that.”

This is a sentiment that many of us are likely feeling right now in one way or another. COVID-19 has created a great deal of uncertainty and has altered our immediate lives in small and large ways. Arguably, America’s college students may be feeling the impact most acutely. Many were on spring break when their institution simply asked them not to return to campus. Some were even stuck in cities now under shelter-in-place orders and can’t get home to their families. And even more students now find themselves without the housing and meal resources they relied on through the school year.

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A business approach to college and career readiness for university career centers

Posted by Devinee Fitzgerald on Aug 12, 2018 8:18:32 PM

For university career centers, a high job placement rate has traditionally been the most important measure of college and career readiness. But recently, students have reported feeling shortchanged by their education.

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Looking for the best alumni engagement software? 2 things to consider

Posted by Devinee Fitzgerald on Aug 12, 2018 7:53:30 PM

So your department is thinking about a mentorship platform for alumni engagement. Before committing to a platform, define what engagement means for your department. Let this definition guide your decision-making process.

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How to overcome three critical issues facing business schools

Posted by Patrick on Jun 23, 2016 4:22:16 PM

The MBA CSEA Career conference shined a spotlight on three critical issues facing business schools. We have highlighted a few obstacles and offer some solutions.

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