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Announcing GroveConnect: PeopleGrove App and Integration Marketplace

Posted by Mark Macdonald on Mar 30, 2020 1:55:00 PM

Our philosophy as a company is to focus on what we do best and integrate with best-in-class solutions for everything else. Today's announcement is a validation of that philosophy.

Announcing GroveConnect

We are pleased to share the release of GroveConnect: Apps and Integrations Marketplace. Like any enterprise-grade platform, we are giving our University Partners the ability to extend the value of their investment in PeopleGrove. GroveConnect is a fast-evolving marketplace of easy-to-enable integrations with other best-in-class, complimentary products that work well with PeopleGrove.

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How to measure a successful mentoring program

Posted by Devinee Fitzgerald on Aug 12, 2018 3:51:30 PM

What comes to mind when you think about measuring a successful mentoring program? If you're considering a digital solution, you might think of web-based questionnaires with lackluster response rates. Or if you're like most schools, you consider positive career outcomes an indicator of a successful mentoring program.

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