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Pathways improves students’ career readiness and soft skills

Posted by Mark Macdonald on Mar 3, 2020 11:04:56 AM
Mark Macdonald

We’re excited to announce the launch of a powerful new career prep program that dramatically improves students’ career readiness and gives you an easy way to demonstrate your program’s success.

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 3.57.36 PMMany of our partners at career centers have lamented that despite their efforts, too many students still enter the real world underprepared. They don’t know how to create a solid resume, ace an interview or build their professional network to achieve their career goals. Meanwhile, employers complain that the skills students pick up in college are not the skills they look for in employees.

To solve this worrying gap in students’ soft skills, we’re launching Pathways.

Pathways is an online step-by-step career prep program that helps get all 100% of your students ready for life after college while proving the value of your hard work. Pathways can be fully customized, allowing our partners to adapt this powerful tool to the needs of their students.

Why you will love Pathways:

Get more done in less time

Your mentors are strapped for time and can only work with a small number of students one on one. With Pathways, you’ll be able to serve a lot more students in the same amount of time it takes to talk to just one.

Give students real value

Get rid of those career readiness printouts and student to-do lists. Pathways will increase students’ engagement with career services and give them skills they’ll truly value in life.

Prove your program’s success

Your department does important work, but it often goes unnoticed. With Pathways, you can easily track students’ success and report on the high value of your program, significantly raising its importance in the eyes of the entire institution.

Pathways will help you

  • Support a lot more students in the same time it takes to reach one
  • Give each student useful real-life skills outside of the classroom
  • Encourage every student to find a mentor
  • Reward students with accomplishment badges
  • Track students’ progress and know who needs help
  • Easily report on your program’s success with a click of a button

PeopleGrove is excited to support our partners in this brand new way as we see Pathways as a winning solution for both students, institutions and employers.

Ready to learn more about Pathways? Sign up for a webinar.