A business approach to college and career readiness for university career centers

Posted by Ela on Aug 12, 2018 8:18:32 PM

For university career centers, a high job placement rate has traditionally been the most important measure of college and career readiness. But recently, students have reported feeling shortchanged by their education.

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Looking for the best alumni engagement software? 2 things to consider

Posted by Ela on Aug 12, 2018 7:53:30 PM

So your department is thinking about a mentorship platform for alumni engagement. Before committing to a platform, define what engagement means for your department. Let this definition guide your decision-making process.

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How to measure a successful mentoring program

Posted by Ela on Aug 12, 2018 3:51:30 PM

What comes to mind when you think about measuring a successful mentoring program? If you're considering a digital solution, you might think of web-based questionnaires with lackluster response rates. Or if you're like most schools, you consider positive career outcomes an indicator of a successful mentoring program.

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4 Benefits of Flash Mentoring for University Alumni Offices

Posted by Ela on Aug 12, 2018 2:23:25 PM

Learn 4 key benefits of flash mentoring from this mentee spotlight story. Christine had just finished her summer internship between junior and senior year when she realized she was on the wrong career path.

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How to overcome three critical issues facing business schools

Posted by Patrick on Jun 23, 2016 4:22:16 PM

The MBA CSEA Career conference shined a spotlight on three critical issues facing business schools. We have highlighted a few obstacles and offer some solutions.

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